Digital platform for battery material data, knowledge and their linking

Project runtime: 01.03.2021 – 28.02.2023

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ML for structure reconstruction and particle sizing of battery electrodes

Battery research in Germany - umbrella concept "Research Factory Battery": Competence cluster for battery cell production (ProZell).

DigiBatMat is located in the ProZell Competence Cluster at Project Management Jülich and is part of the MaterialDigital platform.

The production of battery cells is a sequence of complex individual processes involving various industrial sectors, such as the chemical industry and plant and mechanical engineering. The aim is to achieve high performance and quality battery cells at low cost. However, there are currently still gaps in the detailed scientific description of the complex cell production processes, as not every research institution can conclusively deal with all aspects on the different size scales and with the complex interaction of the materials with each other on its own. However, each research institution active in the field of battery cell production is characterized by a high level of expertise in individual, complementary facets of electrode and cell production. The multitude of scientific questions arising from the complexity of battery cell production can only be successfully addressed through intensive cooperation between the relevant German research institutions. This is where the national competence cluster for battery cell production (ProZell) comes in: The aim of ProZell is to work out the production process of battery cells and its influence on the cell properties as well as the product development costs, to understand it in detail and to be able to describe it scientifically as well as to develop it further for new battery generations. This is intended to provide the scientific basis for the establishment and sustainable further development of internationally leading, competitive battery cell production in Germany.